The Arrival of Button ...

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Benny had been with us for about 5 months, it was October 2006.  Us 2-foots (me and Tony) had been away for 2 weeks - Benny had been at a Bunny Sitter.  He was glad we were home, and was glad to be home himself, but he seemed a bit quiet. When we went away he still using his cage when we were out, but when we came home, as an extra treat, we let him keep his cage but started letting him come and go as he pleased! Free-range Benny!

Even with his new found freedom, we felt he was a little less cheery than usual, and we knew that he had seen other bunnies where he stayed, so we wondered if he was lonely for other bunnies, and decided the time had come to find Benny a friend!!

We spent some time calling round rescue centres, and visited our local one.  Because our house was bunny-proofed for a bunny of Benny's size, we were hoping for another small breed.  We didn't find anything suitable, and as we really wanted Benny to have a friend as soon as possible, on the off-chance I called the lovely people that brought Benny into our lives! (Please remember there are thousands of bunnies in rescue centres needing homes, we realise that we were a bit impatient here...) We were in luck! They had an 18 month old black mini lop doe available for adoption (a retired brood doe). I went to see her that week, and just fell in love straight away! She was in the middle of a moult so looked a little scruffy, but had the cutest squidgy little face and purred as soon as you stroked her head! She was even smaller than Benny too! Unlike Benny, who loves a cuddle but doesn't like being picked up much, she let me pick her up and purred like a kitten the whole time!! Needless to say she came home with me (and Benny, who came along for the ride and a pedicure!) that night! We had seen a picture of her before picking her up that day, and as she looked so small and cute, Tony came up with the name 'Button' (as in, cute as a ...!).

As with Benny, it was love at first sight when the rest of the family met her (especially Benny, but that' s another story!), and for a littlun she was certainly a brave little bun!  She came straight out of her carry box to have a look around, peed on the rug (!), had a bit of dinner, and settled into the large run we had set up for her to sleep in.

So... here begins the story of Button's arrival ...