The Arrival of Benny ...

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Well, at a visit to a garden show in April 2006 we happened across some beautiful french lop babies for sale.  Actually, at the time I had no idea they were french lops OR babies - I didn't realise how big they would have gotten - until I almost tripped up a dog-sized bunny walking away from the stand!!

I couldn't stop thinking about how gorgeous the bunnies were, and after lots of talking my partner agreed that we could get a bunny!  After LOTS of research I found out about house bunnies and litter training and their diets and jabs and .... well, the list goes on of course!

We decided on a mini lop as a breed, and eventually found a breeder fairly near by, who had a litter of black mini lops available, including 2 beautiful bucks.  My reading had shown that often it is easier to start with a male, especially if you are thinking of introducing a female later on.

On arrival, I had the choice of two - both gorgeous of course, but Benny was the smaller of the two and was being extremely nosey, climbing up things and sniffing everything! Love at first sight!!

So, home he came with me to meet the rest of the family... and it was love at first sight all around! For us 2-foots anyway... Benny was understandable nervous at first, but soon let us know that he was settled in and had us wrapped around his teeny paw.... so... here is the story of Benny's arrival....