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The Tale of Aine & Merlin, from Evelyn (in the US)

Aine is the larger tan one, and Merlin is the little brown guy.

Merlin is 6 1/2, he was given to me as a Christmas present from my mother.. I had no idea what to do with a bunny. In fact the first time I saw him do a binky, I thought he was having a seizure, lol. He's a very sweet, spoiled little guy. Very protective of me and his girlfriend, Aine.

Aine is about 3 1/2. I rescued her 2 1/2 years ago.. The family she was with didn't want her anymore and were going to take her to a park and drop her off. I overheard that conversation and stepped in. I wasn't looking for another bunny, but I thought at least I could help get her to a bunny rescue.

By the time I got to their house, the rescue was closed so she came home with me for the night. They had told me all the horror stories of how mean she was, and wouldn't let anyone get to know her. Well, I set her up in the bathroom with food and water, a couple of toys.. opened her cage door and sat on the floor.

It took her about 15 minutes to come out of her cage. Very cautiously checked everything out, gobbled her food like she's never eaten before... and as soon as she was done eating she ran full speed ahead at me and jumped up in my lap, lol.

She knew a sucker when she saw one :-). I had her spayed the next week and introduced her to Merlin.

Within 2 hours of their meeting they were in love and have been inseparable ever since. In fact, Merlin ignores me much more than he used to!

Yep, I'm a bunny slave... and very proud of it!

It's funny how they do things that traumatize us, like binkys and flops... Aine gets so rambunctious with hers that she crashes into the wall. She's so full of energy. Merlin's a little more laid back, but then again he IS twice her age.

Evelyn xx




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