Have a look through our collection of videos! Some of the quality is not too great as most are filmed on our digital camera and usually with the TV on in the background (in case you wonder what the noise is!)  No wonder our bunnies love television so much now!  Plus capturing black bunnies on film is not always easy! Hoppy viewing!

Benny's first house
This was filmed when Benny was about 8 weeks old, and he was exploring his first house - I can't believe how teeny he was! He tried to fit in the wooden house recently and it was like a tortoise trying to squeeze into a shell several sizes too small!

  Button in a bag!
Here's Button playing in a bag! She had been going bonkers all morning, but as soon as I put the camera on she decided to calm down, of course! She is so cute though that I had to keep the camera rolling!

Button rearranging her litter tray! (Part 1 of 2)
This is Button, shortly after we adopted her, rearranging her litter tray to get it 'just right' for peeing in! What a fussy bun!


Bonkers Benny begging for a treat!
Benny taught himself to walk on his back legs a while ago - trying to get him to do it for the camera though is just impossible!  In the end he gave up and I gave in and give him a treat anyway! You just can't resist these bunnies!
Button rearranging her litter tray! (Part 2 of 2)
Here she is again making room for both her AND Benny! Or is she just the first bunny to 'toss the caber'!?
  Bunny Dinnertime!
A short snippet of just how excited our bunnies get at dinnertime!
Benny's 2nd Birthday
Here is Benny getting his banana birthday cake for his 2nd Birthday, on 15th March 2008! We had to edit the video slightly (in case you wonder why the video skips!) as there was almost an incident of whiskers getting set on fire so I had to drop the camera and move the cake before Benny got to it!
  Bunny Treat Time!
Even when we lay ALLLL of the bunnies' toys out in our lounge to keep them amused, if we have been out and left them (only for an hour!) they do like to make us feel guilty and try to mug us for treats!! You gotta love 'em though!

Bonkers Baby Benny! (Part 1)
This was shot before we had Benny neutered. He used to show his love for us back then by circling our feet! What a crazy hyper bunny he was as a baby! Not much has changed really!!
Bonkers Baby Benny! (Part 2)
More pre-neutered bonkers Benny!! It didn't have to be our feet - trousers or anything he could chase would do! Round and round he goes!
Snow Bunnies
Just a quick video of Benny & Button experiencing snow for the first time! It snowed again over Easter 2008 so we are hoping to add a video of  them enjoying snow indoors (we brought it indoors for them!) very soon!
Benny Unpacking!
Benny decided to help us unpack our new TV stand last Christmas! What a helpful bunny he is!

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