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elcome to our collection of handpainted pots! Originally influenced by our 2 lovely house bunnies, the following pages will show the designs currently available.  We try and add new designs all the time so keep checking back for new pots!  Colours & designs may vary as each pot is individually handpainted! No two pots will even be exactly the same so you are truly getting a unique item!

The pots are designed to be used in the garden - the detail is painted in special terracotta paint and the base colour is a durable emulsion.

The sizes of the pots available are as follows (measurements show the diameter of the rim).  If the pots are to be used indoors, drainage trays are available on request - the cost of these is shown below with the corresponding pot size:

Small: 11cm (Trays are priced at 1 each)
Medium: 15cm (Trays are priced at 1.50 each)
Large: 23cm (Trays are priced at 3 each)

Order references for each pot are shown under each image, and details of how to order can be found by clicking the 'How to Order' link.  Please note that all prices are exclusive of postage & packaging.  For delivery and P&P details click the link at the top of the page.

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Ranges of Pots

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Dotty Potties