I have included some of our favourite links here that may be of interest, and organised them into groups for easy browsing! Use the links below to jump to sections, or scroll down the page! Contact us if you would like to add your site, and feel free to add a link to our site too! Don't forget to visit our own Bunnytales Blog!!

  Bunny Sites
of Interest



Bunny Shopping

Bunny supplies shop - excellent products for your buns including cages & pens, treats, toys, chews etc. A firm fave with our 2!

Gorgeous site and fantastic gifts for bunnies and other furries! Some really luxury items!

This is currently where we get our stock of Megazorb and our Chudleys Rabbit Royale!

Natural products for rabbits and other small animals - suppliers of every kind of hay imaginable, and superb toys and treats made from natural materials and ingredients - our cheeky pair love the willow tunnel!  A wonderful reference site too and lots of gorgeous pictures of bunnies to explore!

Supplier of UK grown Timothy Hay and toys and treats for your bunnies

Animart Auctions - an ebay style site but only for pet products and gifts for pet lovers

Bunny Sites of Interest
Hobbyist breeder of companion pet rabbits since 1972. Also an excellent resource for care advice etc.
A small stud based in Essex, producing beautiful mini lops!
Read the bunnies daily blog! (under links section) Also a good resource for advice
The Language of Lagamorphs! One of the first things I read when we got Benny! Fantastic! Me & Benny still have 'stomping arguments' - he stomps his feet, I stomp mine... it can go on a while!
Golden Bunnies is a friendly rabbit forum and community created for all the bunny lovers around the world!
Bunny Resources
RWA - All rabbit owners should join! Excellent resource for rabbit care and information for bunny owners! Also check out the Rabbit Welfare Fund at www.rabbitwelfarefund.co.uk - maybe you can make a donation!
Caroline has been building up her rescue and knowledge on rabbits for the last 12 years and within the last 5 years the rescue has become established, well known and successful, and she opens to the public on Saturday afternoons by appointment. She also provides holiday boarding.

PLEASE HELP! The rescue is in danger of being closed down.  With so many bunnies being mistreated or abandoned it is devastating to think that such a lovely refuge for them could be taken away. Please sign this petition and help keep it open!

Allows rescue centres & individuals to enter details of rabbits needing new homes. Rabbit lovers can search for rabbits to adopt.
Luxury bunny holiday boarding! Also a great resource for advice and care information.
Rescue & rehoming centre and great site for care advice too.
Rescue & rehoming centre and another great site for care advice!
The House Rabbit Society - American site, but an invaluable resource for information!
Quality rabbit holiday boarding and some lovely bunnies!!
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